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Is there a time limit or statute of limitations for filing a claim?

Generally claims can be filed up to 6 years after the transaction or occurrence giving rise to the complaint. Shorter statutes of limitations may apply and these vary from state to state, but claims over 6 years are ineligible for securities arbitrations.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultations are free. Claimant's or Plaintiff's cases are typically handled on a contingent fee basis, though the client is responsible for the initial outlays, including the filing fee and related expenses. Respondent's or defense cases are handled on an hourly basis.

Are legal fees recoverable in arbitration?

Generally not, but in some states under some circumstances you may be able to a recovery of legal fees.

Do I get interest on my lost money?

Sometimes. A lot depends on the nature of the case and the law in your state of residence.

Where are the hearings held?

Hearing are generally scheduled in cities nearest the customer’s home at the time the Claim arose. Hearing locations are available in almost every state and some states have multiple hearing sites.  Our offices handle cases nationwide.

How long does it take?

The turn-around varies from case to case but, on average, a case can be closed (by hearing or settlement) within 12-15 months of the filing of the Statement of Claim.